Sunday, January 22, 2006

We are nearing the end of the commissioning road. The A/C is installed and working and stbd setee is back together and with few exceptions all the systems are functioning. At this point the to do list includes:

1. Install autopilot ram
2. Fix masthead wind wiring (wind speed not working)
3. Change anchor light for LED tri-color (will do when changing wiring for wind unit)
4. Check NMEA wiring for ICOM VHF for GPS input. Wires are likely reversed.
5. Check on arrival of carbon spinnaker pole.
6. Get measurement taken for sail and pedestal covers
7. Check on new sails.
8. Look for twing lines
9. Get power turned on to slip.

It seems like a long list but we are actually in good shape to do some low key racing. Here are a few pictures with the interior back together.


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