Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Engine - Volvo D1-30

In a perfect world you would rarely need to use an engine on a sailboat. Unfortunately, reality often intervenes and demands it. Here is the "auxiliary engine" as installed in Otra Vez. It is a Volvo D1-30. Basically a 3 cylinder, freshwater cooled marine diesel mated with a saildrive transmisssion/lower unit. I have been looking everywhere for part numbers for the basic spares, they can't be found in the manuals delivered with the engine and my bright idea of taking a photo of the part numbers for the oil and fuel filters was foiled by a nice coat of Volvo green paint on both. She runs smoothly and if I take good care of her she will treat me to many years of good service. "Traveller" had a Volvo MD2003 and it lasted 20 yrs, lets hope that this one has similar legs.


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