Monday, February 13, 2006

Putting together a racing program

I am a relative newcomer to the racing scene so putting together a cohesive program is a new organizational challenge. As we have done a fair bit in preparing the boat and ensuring that winning sails are available, building a strong team will be the key between middle of the road and top finishes. Otra Vez requires around 1800 lbs of crew weight for optimum trim so 8-9 crew members will be required for key regattas.

Crew positions on Otra Vez are:

1. Bow (unfilled)
2. Mast (Orhan Ergun)
3. Pit (Joey St. Romain)
4. Headsail trimmer (unfilled)
5. Tailer (Scott Tiemann)
6. Floater (Josh Coates)
7. Mainsail Trimmer (Unfilled)
8. Trim/Tactics (Dave Bolyard)
9. Owner (I hesitate to put helmsman because if I wasn't the owner they wouldn't let me near the wheel)

If we can get 5-6 core members out for most races with the full complement for GORC, Challenge Cup, etc then we will be on our way.



Anonymous Bean said...

Great pics..Keep it up and i would love to fill one of your vacant postions even though i may not be able to contribute as neither weight nor a good sailor..but you can count me in!.. i'll clean your deck!!

7:11 PM  

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