Monday, February 13, 2006

Putting together a racing program

I am a relative newcomer to the racing scene so putting together a cohesive program is a new organizational challenge. As we have done a fair bit in preparing the boat and ensuring that winning sails are available, building a strong team will be the key between middle of the road and top finishes. Otra Vez requires around 1800 lbs of crew weight for optimum trim so 8-9 crew members will be required for key regattas.

Crew positions on Otra Vez are:

1. Bow (unfilled)
2. Mast (Orhan Ergun)
3. Pit (Joey St. Romain)
4. Headsail trimmer (unfilled)
5. Tailer (Scott Tiemann)
6. Floater (Josh Coates)
7. Mainsail Trimmer (Unfilled)
8. Trim/Tactics (Dave Bolyard)
9. Owner (I hesitate to put helmsman because if I wasn't the owner they wouldn't let me near the wheel)

If we can get 5-6 core members out for most races with the full complement for GORC, Challenge Cup, etc then we will be on our way.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well, it says racer/cruiser on the brochure. So here we are working on the cruiser side of the equation. The meal was also the first eaten on board. We also proved that six can sit around the table as long as one or two are children. Subway then a few games of UNO (which were both won by 5 year old Chloe!).

In the past week most of the punch list has been finished. The autopilot (Raymarine SmartPilot 6001) is fully installed, the masthead wind transducer has been replaced so the wind speed is now working, and the cabin light has been replaced. Other than the sails we are at the end of major commissioning work.