Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Engine - Volvo D1-30

In a perfect world you would rarely need to use an engine on a sailboat. Unfortunately, reality often intervenes and demands it. Here is the "auxiliary engine" as installed in Otra Vez. It is a Volvo D1-30. Basically a 3 cylinder, freshwater cooled marine diesel mated with a saildrive transmisssion/lower unit. I have been looking everywhere for part numbers for the basic spares, they can't be found in the manuals delivered with the engine and my bright idea of taking a photo of the part numbers for the oil and fuel filters was foiled by a nice coat of Volvo green paint on both. She runs smoothly and if I take good care of her she will treat me to many years of good service. "Traveller" had a Volvo MD2003 and it lasted 20 yrs, lets hope that this one has similar legs.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

We are nearing the end of the commissioning road. The A/C is installed and working and stbd setee is back together and with few exceptions all the systems are functioning. At this point the to do list includes:

1. Install autopilot ram
2. Fix masthead wind wiring (wind speed not working)
3. Change anchor light for LED tri-color (will do when changing wiring for wind unit)
4. Check NMEA wiring for ICOM VHF for GPS input. Wires are likely reversed.
5. Check on arrival of carbon spinnaker pole.
6. Get measurement taken for sail and pedestal covers
7. Check on new sails.
8. Look for twing lines
9. Get power turned on to slip.

It seems like a long list but we are actually in good shape to do some low key racing. Here are a few pictures with the interior back together.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Commissioning a boat is an interesting experience. You are so excited that she is here, but you still can't really use her for another month. It goes in phases, some days it looks like the end is in sight and then the next project starts and you have to take 2 steps back to move forward. Here are some photos of Otra Vez while she is being worked on. The major projects are the installation of the A/C (16,000 btu) and autopilot (Raymarine ST 6001).

It looks like Jan 22nd may be the big day to move her from the Orleans Marina on the south shore to her slip (#322) in the Prieto Marina in Mandeville.

Friday, January 13, 2006

After a four month Katrina induced delay, we are getting ready to enjoy sailing once again. Otra Vez is currently being commisioned by Murray Yacht Sales at the Sintes yard in New Orleans. We've had her out twice already to check out sails and systems and I hope to have her out again on the weekend of the 20th.

Otra Vez is being set up to race first and cruise second. Her new set of Carbon/Technora D4 membranes will be delivered by West Wind sails of Mandeville, LA in late January or early February and will be the first sails of the type on the lake. In addition, I was lucky to pick up some second-hand North 3DL sails from Stanton Murray at a good price.